StudioRecall 1.0.3 – WIN

StudioRecall 1.0.3 – WIN


StudioRecall is a simple and easy to use application. It allows you to store and recall settings of your analog studio gear. Although it was designed with the record industry in mind, it can be used to store the settings of all sorts of analog devices. It is up to you which devices you add to the application.

The two classic ways for storing settings are taking photos or using pen and paper. You can find a lot of recall sheets for this online. The idea behind StudioRecall is to use simple drawings of devices and mark the controls position with dots. It is basically a digital version of the pen and paper method.

Project files from StudioRecall are stored locally. This gives you the possibility to store the files together with your other project data.

You can test StudioRecall for an unlimited period of time, but with limited functionality. It is not possible to save, open or print a project without a license.


System Requirements:

Windows 10

Windows 8.1

Windows 7 SP1